Epi-Otic Cleanser


  • Alcohol-free non-irritant ear cleanser
  • Keratolytic, Keratoplastic and Bacteriostatic actions
  • Safe: can be used regularly
  • Ideal for dogs that swim
  • Easy to use

Epi-Otic is a safe regular ear cleanser that also aids in managing otitis externa and preventing its recurrence. Designed to remove necrotic tissue and debris and help provide optimal environment for tissue regeneration. Useful in cleaning moist, waxy and odoriferous ears. 

For routine cleansing, apply 2–3 times a week as needed. Routine ear cleansing can be performed after shampooing or swimming to help minimise excessive moisture within the ear canal as this may contribute to infection and inflammation. Before application of medicated treatment, use Epi-Otic daily. As a preventative maintenance, use Epi-Otic weekly to reduce the risk of recurrence and to reinforce the benefit of therapy.


  1. Hold the ear flap and lift it into a vertical position.
  2. Aim tip of bottle into the ear canal and squeeze the bottle to apply solution liberally, enabling a flushing action.
  3. Without letting go of the ear fl ap, gently massage the base of the ear, downward and inward in order to disperse Epi-Otic throughout the ear canal for 1 minute. Then allow the pet to shake its head.
  4. Remove the excess fl uid and debris with a ball of cotton wool or tissue and also clean the inside of the ear flap.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until the excess fl uid no longer looks dirty.


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