House Call Pricing

Housecall consultation: $120

This is the fee for a standard consultation for one animal at your home. It includes travel to your home, a physical examination and assessment. Our usual time allocation is 20mins for the examination and assessment.  Additional charges apply for drugs, procedures, products or vaccinations.

Additional pets at single residence, in the same visit: $90 per animal


C5 (tri-annual), C3, F3, KC or FIV : $40


A vaccination can only be given in conjunction with a consultation, which includes our travel to your home and a physical examination and assessment.

If a veterinary assistant is required (to aid in handling difficult animals if necessary, or for restraint for blood collection or other procedures), an additional fee of $40 applies.

Payment is required at time of service. Payment options available: cash, cheque, credit card or direct transfer (only if clients have internet facilities).

If you have a more specific price query or if you are unsure whether your location falls within the covered area, please call or e-mail us and we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.