House Call Pricing

Personalised, individual and quality pet care in the comfort of your own home!

A standard consultation with Dr Amy The House Call Vet includes travel to your home, a physical examination and assessment as well as covering any basic health and wellbeing maintenance of your pet that may be required at the time, including nail clipping, ear cleaning, gland expression and the like.

It may not be common practise for other vets to include these in their standard consultation. Dr Amy aims for a transparent, inclusive pricing structure to ensure there are no surprise additions to what we believe should be included in your standard consult. Medication, vaccines, laboratory and pathology charges are always discussed prior to treatment decisions being made.
Consultations are allocated 20-30 minutes per pet and all subsequent pets are charged at a reduced rate when seen to during the same visit. Just let us know how many pets need care when you are booking so we can allocate the necessary time.

House calls are $135.00
Annual protection for our furry friends!
Annual vaccinations will protect your pet from potentially life-threatening illnesses. These vaccinations can only be given in conjunction with a consultation (as noted above). We use a range of Nobivac vaccines to cover cats and dogs for C5 (tri-annual), C3, F3, KC or FIV.
Although not a vaccine, we also recommend the annual heartworm injection which is a sustained release formula which offers 12 months coverage against heartworm disease in dogs. They are often given at the same time as your annual vaccination and are a great choice if you’re a bit haphazard with giving monthly medications.
Vaccinations are $40.00, in conjunction with above house call. 
Where required, any repeat medications for ongoing treatments can be issued and dispensed upon the approval of our veterinary team under our standard care plan protocol.

Medications can be couriered to your door for a small fee, or can be collected from the Daisy Hill area upon prior arrangement.

Please allow 1 week for all medication processing as delivery itself can take a few days.
All patients with ongoing medication requirements are (legally) required to have a health screening consultation every 6 month.
Dr Amy The House Call Vet has surgery partnerships with several clinics across Brisbane’s south side. This allows Dr Amy & her team to care for your pet’s every need utilising state of the art facilities for surgeries and procedures. These partnerships also allow our patients to have a larger range of options for care with experts and specialists in niche fields – ensuring your pets are always tended to in the best possible way!
If at any time a veterinary assistant is required additional fees may apply. Often a vet assistant is required as an aid in handling difficult animals, or for restraint for blood collection and other procedures.
Where possible the Dr Amy team will always try to use owners for help before making the request for assistance.
Payment is required at time of service. Payment options available: cash, cheque, credit card or direct transfer (only if clients have internet facilities). 

To price a consult for your pet’s specific needs or if you are unsure whether your location falls within our standard service area please call or e-mail us and we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.