Why House Calls?

Here is a simple list of some of the ways that you and your pets may benefit from having a veterinary house call:

Benefits for your pets:
  • No need to endure car sickness, or travel stress
  • Avoid anxiety and stress from being placed in a cat box, and then being dragged out of it at the vets!
  • No need to leave the security of their own home
  • Avoid stressful interactions with unknown animals - some cats are stressed in a veterinary clinic's waiting room, (especially if dogs are nearby, or sniffing around their cat box!), and many dogs become either fearful or aggressive around other animals and unknown surroundings.
  • Less intimidating surrounds for their checkup and treatment means a more positive experience.
Benefits for you:
  • A perfect solution if you are unable to drive, do not have a car available, or have some form of transport limitation.
  • An easy solution if you do not own a cat box, or other suitable travel restraints for your pets.
  • The convenience of being able to book appointments outside of work hours.
  • No need to put dog hair or dirty feet into your car and all over your car seats!
  • No need to travel in a car with a pet that has been sick or messed in their box.
  • A simpler alternative for yearly checkups and vaccinations, especially if you have more than one pet. Have them all seen in the one visit, and avoid the mayhem of juggling carry boxes and tangling leads!
It's easy to make an appointment for a veterinary house call, just Email Dr Amy or call her on her Mobile: 0401 253 391