About Us



vet at home

Dr Amy The House Call Vet was established in 2007 by Dr Amy Coles, who recognised a need for quality veterinary services provided in the home. The business has operated on a part-time basis since then, as Dr Amy was pregnant with her first child initially, and then went on to have two more children.




Dr Emma Simon

In 2004 Dr Amy was very excited to be joined by her good friend Dr Emma Simon, who provides lengthy house calls for in depth behavioural consults. 



Dr Katie Cook

And at the beginning of 2016, fellow mum Dr Katie came on board to help with the increasing work load. She's awesome!




house call vet nurse

We also now have nurse Sandra providing nursing services such as medication administration, weigh-ins, ear cleaning and suture removals. 



We are not an emergency call out service, or an emergency after hours service. We provide top quality, personalised regular care for dogs and cats, mostly during normal business hours. We aim to get to know our clients and patients individually, and we are sensitive to the various special needs of the pets and their owners.