"Dr Amy has been treating my dog for two years now, and in more recent times, we have been seeing Dr Amy on about a monthly basis.  I have come to know her as a beautiful, caring and compassionate woman who puts the health of my treasured dog first.  My (nearly) 15 year old dog has just started having some health issues and Dr Amy has been amazing with the provision of information on her illness, as well as doing whatever tests are necessary to find the cause of the problems.  Dr Amy has been wonderful in keeping me reassured throughout this period and giving me lots of information to help me digest my dog’s illness and what it means for my dog and her quality of life. 

Dr Amy is the most amazing vet I have ever come across - she honestly cares about my dog and treats her with so much kindness, gentleness and respect.  Gone are the days of taking my beautiful dog in to the cold, stark rooms of a vet practice and lifting her up on to a cold, metal table - to be treated as just another number walking through the door.  My dog hated going to the vet in the past, but now she whimpers and cries with joy and runs around with her tail wagging anytime Dr Amy comes over! 

I am so glad that Dr Amy is my dog’s doctor, and my dog’s friend too :-)"

Kate, in Holland Park


"As someone who has serious mobility issues, it is often difficult to take my cat to a veterinary surgery, so I was thrilled to find out that there is a vet who does house calls.  From the very first visit, I have found Dr Amy to be a compassionate and capable vet, who understands how important it is to include the pet owner in the treatment process.  Her calm and confident demeanour has helped me to relax my own anxiety over some quite troubling incidents, and she has provided excellent care and advice for both my beloved cats for more than 7 years now."   

Jenelle, from Rochedale South.


"Dr Amy the House Call Vet has been caring for our bichon cross poodles Lucy and Milly for the past four years.  We no longer experience the stress of having to take two dogs to a clinic.  When Amy visits, she takes the time to check the dogs thoroughly and explain in depth the treatment required.  Amy responds to calls promptly and is flexible with appointment times, which are scheduled around our busy family life and work hours.
Our dogs are considered part of our family, and quality care for them is very important to us.  Amy has become part of our community and developed a genuine rapport with “the Girls” as we call the dogs, as well as the human members of the family.  Dr Amy the House Call Vet has made responsible pet ownership easy and enjoyable for us all."

The Ludwig family

"I had the pleasure of Dr Amy becoming my family vet. I have two beautiful fur babies. Layla and  Poppy (pencil head) - both are foster failures! Due to Amy's gentle caring nature  Layla my American Staffy is now happy for the vet to visit. Prior to Amy I had to carry her into a vets with her shaking and wetting herself. My son Scott has an active dog Manny who gets himself in trouble. Scott has epilespy and is unable to drive. Having Amy come to Manny gives Scott the chance to give Manny the very best care. Awesome caring vet. Thank you for taking care of our special fur people. I highly recommend Dr Amy to everyone."

Wendy Herbst


"We started our relationship with Dr Amy when we were looking for a less stressful way of helping our elderly cat pass on from this life. Dr Amy was able to do this with kindness, respect and compassion (in the comfort of our own home), not just for the cat but for the humans as well.  We have Amy treating another cat with allergies at present. Dr Amy is always quick to reply, visits as soon as she can and we are thrilled with the level of advice and service we receive. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants a stress free vet visit!"

Kathlyn at Cornubia


"We originally called on Dr Amy because our Chocolate Labrador had been ill for months, and despite numerous consultations and stay-overs for tests we weren’t getting any closer to a diagnosis. She came to our home, and while we chatted about Angel’s symptoms, Dr Amy patted and felt for physical signs of a problem. In less than 5 minutes Angel was diagnosed with a bladder stone! A few weeks later our beautiful girl had had her surgery (the stone was almost the size of the Vet’s palm!), and was back to her goofy old self.
We would gladly recommend Dr Amy to anyone who wants friendly, convenient and most of all, quality care for their beloved pets.
 With thanks
 Drury family"


"Dr Amy has been a godsend to our family and our gorgeous 9 year old female Boxer, Sammy. She is genuinely caring and compassionate with our old girl and Sammy just loves her! So glad we found you Dr Amy!!!!" 

Sammy & The Michael Family, Mt Warren Park


"My geriatric cat is well looked after by Dr Amy - he is having an extended quality of life because of her professionalism, knowledge  and genuine compassion for animals."

Marianna Browne


"Our dog would go through a lot of stress and anxiety physically going to a vet surgery. Then we found Dr Amy. She has been our home visit vet for the past 7 years now.   We found Dr Amy’s gentle and caring nature to be a lot more calming for our pet.

Thanks Dr Amy for being so wonderful to our very spoilt and sooky Ruby"

The Dymond family


"Dr Amy - Thank you again for everything this year and always being there for Dom. Brayden and I appreciate it so much. If it hadn't been for you being an amazing vet with so much heart we would not have our little monkey here with us this Christmas and for that I will always be grateful." 

Lena and Brayden


"I have been using Dr Amy for approximately a year now, for my rather large German Shepherd Jenny, as my husband has been place in aged care due to dementia, and I cannot drive. She is a wonderful vet, and very caring, and has been a great help to myself, as Jen has epilepsy. My emails are answered in a very timely manner, and she ensures Jens meds are always mailed to me on time so I don't have to worry. Her vaccines are taken care of, and Dr Amy's pricing is great!! Dr Amy is well worth a try, for both yourselves and beloved pets :-)" 

The Millers at Acacia Ridge