The New Website December 1, 2014 22:19

Welcome to my new website! It's taken a while, and obviously it is currently lacking any pictures, but at least it's up! I am hoping to have it prettied up in the next week or two. Those of you who remember my old website (done by yours truly, in 2007) will have to admit it's an improvement.

I have started a facebook page to go along with the new website - click the facebook icon at the bottom of the site to get there. I will post lots of pictures there of my beautiful patients. I have so many cute, adorable, funny and pretty patients that I feel it's a waste not to share their pictures with you all!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say "thankyou" to my wonderful clients of the past 7 years. I have awesome clients! They are all pet owners of course, which is a good start, and they all care enough about their pets to search out a mobile vet (who has done little to no advertising). So that tends to bring me the nicest of the nice people. You can tell a lot about people from the way they treat their pets. SO thankyou to you all, for being so caring, so interesting and enjoyable, and for welcoming me into your homes, and allowing me to share in the care of your precious little family members.

As you will see, if you have a look through the website, there are a few changes occurring in the Dr Amy House Calling world. A new vet! Wider territory! And other, yet to be disclosed improvements. It is an exciting time. I will update the blog with news and announcements regularly, so stay in touch!

Dr Amy Coles