Get to know nurse Sandra! May 12, 2016 14:04


Hi, I'm Sandra! I live in Springwood with my very patient husband, my two pre-teen children, an elderly cat named Kimba, my beautiful rescue Jack Russell Terrier named Lolly, two adopted Guinea Pigs (Angel and Sprinkles) and, last but not least a Central Bearded Dragon named Rango who is really my son's pet but has somehow worked his way into my heart.


I came to Vet nursing late in life after a profound discovery that my previous work in Accounts was not satisfying for me.  I grew up on a grazing property in central Queensland, and have always been surrounded by animals and wildlife.  My aspiration as a child was always to work with animals.  After the decision was made, I quickly began my studies whilst still working in the accounting field and finally made the complete and exciting transition to working as a vet nurse in 2016.


I have been lucky enough to gain employment with Dr Amy and have enjoyed every moment of my work life since then.  Every day is different and I get to spend my time hanging out with animals and helping their owners care for them.

I am passionate about continuing my studies in the animal care field and I am enjoying learning new things every day!


In my spare time I enjoy sewing, anything crafty, redecorating and re-purposing. My sewing room is my oasis of calm , however I have not had a great deal of time to spend there of late!  I also enjoy reading, spending time with my family and going on long walks with my dog.


Looking forward to meeting you all soon!  

Sandra Bradshaw