Our less-than-beautiful photos! March 4, 2015 12:38 2 Comments

Well, as you can see for yourself, the beautiful photos are up on the beautiful new website! I am so happy with the outcome. A big thankyou has to go out to Peta Sanchez of Total Capture Photography - she took such great pictures. It takes skill to get good photos when animals are involved. Even extraordinarily beautiful animals like these ones! Of course there are some less-than-beautiful photos that didn't make it onto the website, so I thought I'd share a few bloopers here for your enjoyment:

 Here's Poppy. She was terrifically pleased to meet us, and so excited to be asked to pose that she just couldn't sit still!Dr Emma had to use all of her considerable dog handling skills to keep her from falling off the bench! She had us all in stitches .


But Peta managed to snap a shot during a millisecond pause, and she's made it onto the Home page. She is ridiculously cute isn't she?

Alpha is a cutie pie, and he's a bit of a smoocher as well. Here he snuck in a quick unexpected kiss, and then became bashful when we all laughed.



Dimmy enjoyed a bit of a greeting pat, and then wanted to take off...

And Apollo spent a fair while staring at the strange lady talking baby talk to him, instead of looking at the camera: 

Emma's going to kill me for putting that photo up!

I kind of fell in love with Axel. What a handsome, well mannered and utterly adorable fella!


I'd better stop there - I hope you've had a chuckle. We certainly laughed a whole lot throughout the process, and the furry models enjoyed themselves too. There are heaps more of course, and plenty more good ones that I am saving to use in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Dr Amy Coles